About Us

The mission of Pen PALS is to establish an outreach program which addresses the challenges faced in the Columbus City School District and similar low income schools across the country while educating college students about these issues. Pen PALS aims to improve the writing skills of elementary school students by providing a personal connection to an Ohio State Student via a pen pal relationship, face to face meetings, and seminars which inform mentors about the problems their pen pals might face in his/ her daily life.

So what do we want from you? As a Pen PAL, you understand that you are making a commitment to the program. No kid deserves to be left without a response during a writing period. We want you to share your college experience, advice, thoughts, and anything else that springs to mind – be yourself! And just put it into letter form once every 2 weeks. We also have seminars a few times each semester where we discuss social justice, economic, racial, and community issues in the Columbus area where you can learn more about the problems facing our pen pals and what you can do to help.